How I Styled My Buffet Cabinet

Happy fall y’all! Living in the Southeast, as much as I love summer, I LIVE for when it finally cools down. And this year, fall busted through the door out of the blue like the Kool-Aid man and I am here for it! This weekend was in the mid-50s in the mornings and I was having all the feels.

If you follow me on instagram, you’d see that I recently got rid of my cheap old bar cart in preparation of getting a new one. When I did, I took the extra stuff from it that didn’t fit in the cabinets and just threw it onto my buffet cabinet temporarily…(facepalm).


Needless to say, it was turrible (as Charles Barkley would say). I knew I wanted to style it in a more timeless way rather than jumping straight into fall decor since I am in the middle of figuring out my eat-in kitchen tablescape too. So I decided to use a lot of what I already had there but simply add some layers and functionality to it to really bring it to life. My family eats a lot of fruit, in particular my three year old (you can see the inventory has already been depleted). So I always need a fruit bowl/basket of some kind, but I hated the cheap wire one I had because it always made such a mess underneath it from fruit pieces rubbing off. So I set out to find something that was large enough to fit it all, had a enclosed design, stoneware material, and would also help to pull in the Pottery Barn beaded flushmount light I have above the space that is super cool-toned grey.

I should have known my love for anything #potterybarn would have won out. Within five minutes of googling the interwebs, I found this Pottery Barn serving bowl and instantly ordered it for curbside pickup. It’s very heavy and high quality ceramic, and has that slight vintage feel with distressed edges in the glazing. The color is perfection too. I don’t think I could love this more, which sounds so strange to say about a fruit bowl.

I also wanted to put out some stacks of plates to give it that traditional layered buffet feel, but not so much that it looked like a legitimate Golden Corral. Funny story – these are actually our original IKEA plates we used when we lived in our apartment in downtown Atlanta. Obviously, being in our early twenties, we didn’t exactly invest in nice dinnerware, but these are still actually very high quality and a simple clean design. They served us well in our heyday, so I felt they were ultimately deserving to be highlighted up here. I also had some extra mason jar glasses and matching carafe from party hosting which I thought made the cutest little addition behind them, along with a few extra bottles of my fav sparkling water (the addiction is real, y’all).

Last but not least, as you can see, I also kept my glass cake dome. We got this as a wedding gift, and at the time, I felt stupid for registering for something that seemed useless. Let me tell you something – if you love to bake, or even just like to have your favorite treats (homemade or not) out on your counter for display and easy access, a cake dome is such a pretty and simple way to do that. This one is perfect size and super cute with the beaded lid lip. The candle holders are Pottery Barn as well, but I actually got them as a FB Marketplace find for ten. dollars. My husband was so proud.

And to really up the ante with the layered look, I incorporated two of my amazeballs turkish towels I recently received from Etsy. Y’all – these are LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS a piece. And they’re huge! Great quality, and the tassels are adorable but also secure. She has literally a million colors and styles to choose from, and the shipping was shockingly fast coming direct from Turkey. Highly recommend checking these out if you’re in the market for some new hand towels (which let’s be honest, feel like they need to be replaced what seems like every three months because they get so gross).

Voila! Since I put all this together, it makes me smile every day when I walk past it in the kitchen and I love it. Due to #rona, I’ve been working from home since January and will be until at least early spring next year, so this has been a sweet little update to get to enjoy everyday in my space.

How are YOU all hanging in there? Are you at home or in the office? Comment below what your day looks like now. Wishing you all health and happiness during these crazy times, and hoping your families are safe as well!


Buffet Cabinet: French Casement Sideboard || Fruit Bowl: Grey Stoneware Footed Serving Bowl – Large

Left Side: IKEA Plates || Glass Carafe || Mason Jar Glasses

Right Side: Glass Cake Dome (discontinued) || Silver Candle Holders (discontinued)

Towels: Turkish Hand Towels

Shelves: Customizable Shelves (Bright White) and Scroll Brackets (Nickel)

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