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Dining Room Update – Progress Check-In

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw my recent post that mentioned I am finally tackling my formal dining room. Now I should clarify – when I say “tackle”, I’m being a bit dramatic. I already have some amazing timeless pieces in there, but am completely lacking all the accessories and layering items to really bring the space to life. At the moment, it feels very sterile and incomplete. Plus, I despise the builder-grade chandelier. So I’ve put together a plan to breathe some life into this room.

Current State

Even though we have literally never eaten in here, based on the floorplan of my house, this room is right off the entryway hallway. This means it is something every single person passes when coming or going through the front door, so it’s a space that I really want to feel finished and styled. I’ve known for a while the color scheme that I wanted, but hadn’t found many of the items I had in mind to achieve my desired look until very recently (thanks to #rona I’m working from home and actually have some spare time to research these things).

I created a design board to try to visualize all the pieces I liked together to make sure that everything blended nicely before ordering. Honestly, by the time I got done with this board, I literally wanted to frame it, because it is exactly the feeling I have always wanted to give this room. It strikes me as very sophisticated (and of course french), but also so soft and airy at the same time. I don’t like when a dining room has so much formality going on that you are deterred from interacting with it, so I don’t want to go overboard with the accessories. I feel as though what I’ve got planned out will be just enough to feel layered and collected but not cluttered or gaudy.

As you can see in the photos, I did recently find an olive tree and corresponding basket. These trees are from West Elm and they are amazeballs (I actually have another in my kitchen breakfast nook). I adore the color and detailed texture of the bark, and bonus – it doesn’t actually have olives on it, which, as a mom of two small kids, I appreciate. The charger plates I’ve wanted are also a recent find. I’ve loved these for a while but could never find them in individuals, and since I only need 6, sets of 4 were annoying to pay for. But I finally scored them from a random eBay listing as a complete set of 6 – go figure!

The chargers and napkins just arrived, so I quickly threw them together on the table to see it all together, and y’all, I legitimately squealed out loud. It is EXACTLY what I envisioned! This is going to make for a stunning silver & blue Christmas tablescape.

Napkins and chargers are here and they look STUNNING together!

I think the thing I’m most excited to update is definitely the chandelier. I have wanted to switch this one out for a wood bead one for as long as we’ve lived here, but haven’t really seen any of the ones I like go on a good enough sale for me to pull the trigger. Or it’s just been crappy timing for such a big purchase (like my son needing two sets of tubes in a year’s time). BUT, a couple weeks ago, during Pottery Barn’s big Labor Day sale, they put their famous Francesca Chandelier on sale for $150 off, which was arguably the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. So I decided it was now or never and ordered it, along with their wood bead flushmount light for my living room, and the chambray napkins I’ve been eyeing.

So now it’s just a waiting game for all these orders to arrive so I can start putting it all together (and cry over my wallet). I hope I don’t scare the UPS/FedEx/USPS guys when they deliver them squealing out of excitement haha.


Furniture: RH Round Dumont Table (discontinued) || RH French Side Chair

Bar Cart: William Sonoma Bar Cart – Polished Nickel

Olive Tree: West Elm || Tree Basket

Table Setting: Charger Plates || Beaded Dinnerware || Goblet Water Glasses || Chambray Napkins

Chandelier: Wood Beaded Chandelier

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