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Calvin’s Transitional Bedroom

Y’all – I cannot get enough of this weather. Finally, I can walk outside and not feel like I’m going to melt into the pavement. Praise Jesus! Speaking of changing seasons, we recently spruced up my son’s room when we moved him into a different one to use his old one for my daughter’s nursery. When I was trying to think about how I wanted to update his room, I knew I wanted to get rid of the “nursery”/”baby” feeling from all the decor, and make it feel much more put together and mature. At the same time, I didn’t want to make it so mature that it felt like a guest room, and I also needed some key functionality in there like toy storage and a play area. He isn’t ready to move into a big boy yet, so this essentially became a transitional design until that day comes.

[I want to mention something first: I hesitated to share this point to be honest. In this day and age of technology with perfectly styled photos and curated content, I definitely felt like this post wasn’t “good enough” – I hadn’t moved him to a big boy yet, so it was still just his crib, which must be boring to readers. We still have his little diaper pail in there for trash, which people surely will be turned off by. I don’t have custom millwork all over the walls where it looks sophisticated enough to be ‘like’-worthy – Y’all, I want this forum to be open to everyone and feel relatable. I am full time working mom, and am not a designer nor a photographer. My photos and decor reflect our everyday real lives in this house. So if you want magazine-worthy photos every time, feel free to keep scrolling. If you’re okay with real content, then I sincerely appreciate your viewership and hope you love what you see as much as I do].

His furniture set is a medium cool-toned grey wood, and I wasn’t in the market to get rid of basically brand new furniture, so I wanted to work with what I had in that regard. I really only wanted to replace the round wood knobs that came on his dresser for more mature ones, which was a cheap and easy switch thanks to eBay. I needed a nightstand for his sound machine and books, toy storage for allllll the things, new curtains, some greenery, and a little play area that was cozy and inviting so he could let his imagination go wild.

Drawer pulls can be found here

Enter the infamous teepee. Originally I’d seen this done so many times and wanted to do something different, but one day I got a picture from his daycare of him snuggling with a stuffed animal in a teepee in his classroom and I knew he would love such a sweet little spot in his room. I put a large blue fuzzy blanket down as a base, lined the inside with many of his favorite stuffed animals, and hung little star twinkle lights down the front sides to give it that tucked-away feel. He lives in there, and I’m convinced as soon as we convert him to a big boy bed, he’s going to end up sleeping in there at night.

As you will see, Calvin has a slight obsession with stuffed animals…
Teepee can be found here

I found these curtains on Amazon, and let me tell you, I will never buy another expensive brand of these again. They’re incredible. They’re 100% linen (my favorite type) and feel so substantial. They’re not blackout but he didn’t need them anyway. The color is ‘French Navy’ and I love how saturated and deep it is. I have had these distressed wood floating frames for a while, so when the time came to update his room, these became the perfect thing to hang above his bed. I went with real airplane patent designs for the photos, since he is obsessed with airplanes, and the navy background picked up the curtains nicely.

Floating frames can be found here

For the toy storage, I needed to get something that was easily accessible and kept the items visible for him. So instead of traditional cubbies with baskets that would be difficult to pull out if they were full, I went with market bins and they have been perfect. Plus it was a sort-of cost savings given that I didn’t have to buy baskets. I bought two and just stacked them on top of each other, which also made for a nice display of all his favorite stuffed animals.

Market bins can be found here

Since he has been potty trained for several months now, I no longer needed changing materials on top of his dresser, which I was so excited for. He also has TONS of books, so I wanted to display a few of his favorites up there so that he could point out which one he wanted to read at night with me. I kept his original elephant lamp, but added his NASA projector telescope my parents picked up for him in D.C. The wooden sign has the Lord’s Prayer on it and was handmade by my father-in-law, so it was so special to me to incorporate that into his room.

Amazon find for the win!
My husband and I are both GT grads – hoping he loves science as much as we do.
Sooooo many books…

As for the finishing touches, I definitely felt like some greenery was necessary to make it feel less sterile and formal. I scored this artificial fig tree off QVC of all places for such a steal, and I was floored at its quality. The little whitewash basket was from Target a while back. I liked how it brought some natural tones back into the room where it was otherwise feeling very stark with just grey|navy|white. I randomly bought the artificial eucalyptus stems from T.J. Maxx a few months ago and had forgotten about them in my storage closet until I went to go pull out the curtain rod to hang his curtains haha!

Faux fig tree can be found here
Target basket is discontinued, similar here

This blanket draped across the top of his crib was handmade by my dad’s boss’s wife, and it seriously means the world to us. We talk to him about it every night when we lay him down for bed, how it spells his name, and that the bees on it are the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, the best team there is ;).

Overall I’m so happy with how this turned out. Once he transitions to a big boy bed here in the next couple months, I will definitely make some updates to this, but for now, this is such a polished and functional space for him. Who knows, knowing him he’ll probably ask for a Lightning McQueen bed and I’ll have to scrap everything (facepalm).


Curtains: French Linen Curtain – Navy

Market Bins: Entryway Storage Cubby

Accessories: Pewter Airplane Bookends || 6′ Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig || Foldable Teepee || Elephant Lamp || Distressed Floating Picture Frames

Dresser: Convertible Crib – Ash Grey || Heirloom Silver Pendant Drawer Pulls

Crib: 6-Drawer Double Dresser – Ash Grey

Nightstand: Beadboard Nightstand – Weathered White

Rug: Lustrous Shag Rug

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