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[ROOM REVEAL] Laundry Room Update!

My husband tells me I’m so weird for this, but y’all – I love to do laundry. Now before you think I’m crazy, hear me out. I love to have all my clothes clean, so that I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want. I also love the smell of fresh clean clothes coming out of the dryer, it makes me feel relaxed. My husband is a pretty handy guy (we are both Georgia Tech engineers, afterall), but I don’t trust him to do the laundry and not ruin my clothes haha. So I like to do it and stay on top of it.

That all being said, when we moved into our new build home, we weren’t explicitly given any options to improve the storage or design of the laundry room. And since the model home had cabinets in there, I didn’t even think to ask if those came standard (facepalm)….queue my disappointment when we had our walk-through and I saw only a single white wire rack above the appliance cove. And since we had just bought the house as a new build, we weren’t really ready to dump more money into it by adding anything like that quite yet.

So this is what we lived with for 4+ years, until a few months ago when I decided I was sick of not having any storage or organization in a room I spent time in every single day (especially now with two kids). I knew I wanted something simple – I wasn’t interested in shelling out for high-end custom cabinetry, but I did at least need some custom built-in shelving. This picture below from Pinterest ended up being my inspiration for the simple but effective design.

No description available.

We have multiple laundry baskets, primarily for abnormal amount of random unmated socks we always seem to end up with after every load. So I wanted storage for those, but also for all the extra little things like detergent refills, stain spray, dryer balls, other cleaning supplies, etc. Personally, I like open shelving in areas like these, because it allows you to utilize baskets and bins, which I think gives the space a bit more casual feel. It’s weird to me when I see laundry rooms that are more formal than a fancy kitchen lol. Plus it lets you see what all you have and prevents the need to hunt for anything. I also really needed a tabletop above the washer and dryer units themselves, to be able to fold right there if necessary, or to simply lay something out to dry that didn’t fit on the drying rack (which I also needed). So once I hammered down the design and specs, I promptly called my contractor haha.

[Side note – this is easily something you could DIY. These are simple 3/4 inch boards just painted and trimmed out. So long as you took the time to take proper measurements, you could easily go to Home Depot or Lowes and tell them what all you need cut, and simply install this yourself at home. I chose to use a contractor simply for the lack of time I tend to have with two kids under three and working 50 hrs/week.]

No description available.

As soon as he got to work, my eyes lit up. He understood exactly what I had envisioned and made it come to life seamlessly – in ONE day. I actually was stunned at how quickly he got it up, but again, just a testament to how DIY-achievable this is.

TA-DA! I had it painted out the same color as my trim so that it blended seamlessly into the room for that high-end custom feel. I like a clean bright palette for a laundry room. I did end up having to replace my laundry sorter, since the original one was too big to fit in it’s little designated cove under the first shelf. But truth be told, I actually just sold it on FB Marketplace and bought an equivalently-priced one on Amazon, so it was a wash.

This one fit perfectly, and as a bonus wasn’t 💩 brown colored haha. Plus it has a slanted design, so it is easy to throw clothes in there without actually having to pull it out.

This laundry sanitizer is harder to find than toilet paper back in March!

As I mentioned earlier, baskets were a must to contain all the random things. I keep the majority of my cleaning supplies in here so that they’re out of reach of the kids. These storage cubes are from The Container Store, and I love that they’re a poly weave over a metal frame, rather than a true natural fiber wicker, which would scratch the shelves up so badly moving them back and forth. And I like the fabric liner, it screams laundry to me for some reason lol.

Something else I wanted to do was to start using refillable glass bottles for my detergent, sanitizer, and bleach, to try and reduce my personal plastic consumption, and because it looks a whole lot prettier than a bunch of bright-colored plastic bottles everywhere. These are literally just half gallon beer growlers, but with custom waterproof labels – how genius! You can find them on Etsy from ChurchStDesigns shop.

Love the pump top these came with too.

The rattan tray is from Amazon. Funny story about this – it is labeled as “white washed”, but not surprising, once it came, it was so warm and borderline peach-colored I couldn’t deal with it. But I loved the size and simplicity, so I literally just took it outside and spray painted it with white chalk paint. Voila!

I use natural wool dryer balls in my laundry, because I learned recently that dryer sheets are actually not good for your machine. Additionally, I have very sensitive skin, and can’t typically tolerate scented products. But by using the wool dryer balls, I can add my favorite pure essential oils to them to give my clothes a super fresh scent and not aggravate my eczema. Win win! Of course I don’t need all ten that come in a pack in every load, so I bought these glass jars from Walmart to store the extras and other little random things, like garment wash bags, tub cleaning tablets, etc. This way they’re within reach whenever I need them, and are visible so I don’t have to hunt for them in a bunch of cabinets & drawers.

I finished the shelves off by adding some faux lavender (although quite frankly these look more like liriope than lavender, but I like it because it’s extra frosty and light) and a lavender candle to breathe some life and color into the room. I still need a new light fixture, but that can wait.

I can’t put into words how much I enjoy this space now. It’s always clean and organized, it easy to navigate even for my laundry-phobic husband, and really has brought me joy and peace in my daily laundry efforts if you can believe that.

What are YOUR goals for your laundry room? Do you have any? What do you feel like is the thing you need most in there? Comment below and share with me!


Storage: White Shelf Baskets || Laundry Sorter || Glass Jars || Drying Rack

Decor: Glass Vases || Artificial Lavender

Tabletop: Rattan Tray || Glass 1/2 Gallon Growlers w/ Labels (or buy your own glass growlers here)

Laundry: 100% Wool Dryer Balls || Pure Essential Oils || Laundry Baskets

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