Holiday 2020 Home Decor Favorites

I seriously can’t believe we are thisclose to Halloween already. I feel like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be Christmas! That being said, I’m trying to get a head start on my holiday decor shopping. I promptly put out my Christmas decorations on November 1st every year for a couple reasons:

1) I have two kids under three, and I work a lot. So it takes me a little longer than others to put out all my stuff.

2) I like to have it up for more than a month, especially if it took me that long to put it up! Plus, because I have small kids, I like to have it up a little longer so we as a family have more time to enjoy it.

3) I’m impatient, and as soon as I start seeing it all come to stores and online retailers, I just can’t help myself.

So that all being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite items I’ve found in my recent hunting with you all. Christmas stuff sells out so fast, so if you haven’t already taken inventory of your stuff and what all you still want to purchase, I highly suggest getting started sooner rather than later. I tend to simply add decorative accents throughout my house that blend well with my existing year-round decor with lots of greenery, but of course I tweak it a little every year to try something new here and there.

Trees & Toppers

King of Christmas King Flock Tree
King of Christmas Queen Flock Tree
Silver Handmade Star & Ribbon Topper
7.5ft Flocked Pencil Tree
Bottle Brush Trees (cute alternative if you feel like you have too much greenery going on)
Silver Magnolia Bouquet Topper
Slim Flocked Mini Tree Set in Wrapped Burlap Bottom
Slim Flocked Mini Tree Set in Galvanized Bucket
Prelit Beaded Deer Head Topper

My absolute favorite Christmas trees are from King of Christmas. If you’ve never tried them before, let me assure you – you will NOT be disappointed. I have two – one King Slim Flock for downstairs and one Queen Slim Flock for my master bedroom – and they are incredible. The flocking has held up extremely well and they’re so easy to shape. I always get unlit ones and add my own lights so that in the event the strand dies I don’t have to perform surgery to get it off the tree. And quite frankly they’re far more affordable than ones from other high-end places and look just as good if not better.

Wreaths & Garlands

Banff White Berry Garland (6ft -will be my table runner)
6ft Cascading Garland
Beautiful custom grapevine wreath
Fresh Greenery Wreath with Pinecones & Gold Bow
King of Christmas King Flock Garland (my personal favorite)
Pinecone & Eucalyptus Garland
Blue Cedar Pinecone Wreath
White Berry Prelit Wreath
Evergreen Cedar Pinecone Garland
White Berry Garland
King of Christmas flocked wreath (36″ & 24″)
Eucalyptus Wreath

I could probably post more than a hundred options in this category, but these have been some of my favorites I’ve seen come out over the last few years. I’m big into neutral, flocked Christmas greenery, but of course I still love the traditional versions with some color. Grandin Road, Balsam Hill, and Frontgate are legendary for their Christmas greenery, but can be expensive, so best to pick those up on sale. I also love to support small businesses and shop Etsy – all of my wreaths are from there outside of my King of Christmas one.

Decorative Accents

St Jude Bell Candles
White Berry Mini Chair Wreath
Cedar Mini Chair Wreath
Wooden Snowflake Ornament Set

Plush Oversized Cozy Throw Blanket
Vintage 15″ Iron Bells (have several of these from a couple years ago and they’re one of my favorite items to use)
Flameless LED Pinecone Candles
Faux Deer Fur Stocking
Beaded Cone Tree Set
White Metal Glitter Tree
Black Metal Reindeer Set
Mantle Clips stocking holders

Again I could probably post a million things here, but I just wanted to throw out a sampling of the items I love. Candles and cozy throws are a must for me, and I particularly love these St. Jude Bell Candles since some of the proceeds go to charity. Also, these mantle clips are absolutely brilliant. I have a stacked stone fireplace, so my mantle is very thick and rough, which means I can’t use things like Command Hooks to hang things. I also can’t use traditional metal weighted holders, since I have small kids who will likely pull on the stockings and could get seriously hurt if one of those fell off and hit them. I discovered these last year and cannot recommend them enough, even if you don’t have kids. They’re completely secure, no matter how much you load down the stocking.

If you end up incorporating any of these into your decorating, leave me a comment below and let me know! I can’t wait to see everyone’s decorations this year! SO CLOSE!

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