Holiday Gift Guide – My Favorites for Him

I don’t know about y’all, but I swear it gets harder and harder every year to shop for my family & friends, in particular my husband and the men in general. My brain is obviously not wired like a man’s, so I have the hardest time searching for what feels like a month for something that I think is cool before finally giving up and simply asking my husband what he wants (which is boring). Plus, my husband is super laid back and unfussy, so the traditional formal gifts (i.e. cuff links, cashmere sweaters) are out of the question basically. So I love to browse through holiday gift guides every year to help stimulate some inspiration. They definitely help speed up the process, and I usually end up finding some of the best ideas through searching these. That all being said, I’m so excited to be putting together my own list for you all this year! I know it may feel a bit early, but if you’re like me and start shopping as early as possible, then I want to be sure this is available for you ASAP!

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  1. 3-in-1 Charging Stand: This is a fantastic gift if your recipient has lots of Apple products like most people do anymore. Chris has all three of these items, and this charger has come in such handy, particularly on his nightstand as he charges his watch and Airpod Pros every night. Definitely helps cut down on the number of cords and subsequent power strips needed in one spot.
  2. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit: If your recipient has Satan’s tongue like my husband does, then this will likely be a ton of fun for them. Chris fancies himself a hot sauce connoisseur, and even has a subscription to a monthly hot sauce box, so I am excited to let him try his hand at making his own this time.
  3. Apple Airpod Pros: I don’t think there is enough time in the universe for me to say how much I adore these things. And I mean the Pros in particular, as they are the only version that has the noise cancelling feature. When #Rona hit, my company had everyone start working from home. Fast forward to the present, I’m still here, and am not going back until at least the spring. That being said, as a solution architect, I’m on calls all. day. long, and at the time my kids were home too, so I knew I needed a more hands-free & cordless option for taking said calls. These have been a gift from God. I ended up buying these for Chris for Father’s Day, because he was continuously stealing mine. He now worships those things more than anything else I’ve ever gotten him.
  4. Men’s SAXX Underwear: Funny backstory – my bff has always been one of those people who is naturally a great gift giver. She and her husband are our best friends, so we usually exchange Christmas gifts every year. A couple years ago, she got these for Chris, and when he opened the box, he just went “…um, underwear?”. Let me tell you, as soon as he put them on, he instantly asked me to ask her where she bought them and if I could promptly buy him 100 more pairs. They’re ridiculously soft and comfortable, and get softer with every wash.
  5. Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler: I think everyone and their mother can use a good cooler, even if you’re not exactly the most outdoorsy type (we certainly aren’t, our version of outdoorsy stuff is eating on patios haha). These come in such handy for a number of situations, and no one makes a better product than Yeti. Yes, they’re expensive, but when your refrigerator dies and you need to keep stuff cold as long as possible because your new one is backordered for two weeks, you will be incredibly thankful that you have one that will keep ice for days. This wheeled version gets bonus points for ease of use. We bring this one with us to every single Falcons game for tailgates.
  6. Indoor Putting Green: Chris loves to play golf, as do most men, and when he’s bored, he’ll randomly grab out a golf club and just practice swing all over the house. So I actually plan to surprise him with this for Christmas so he can actually make contact with something other than the air.
  7. Men’s Monogramed Leather Wallet (on sale!): I feel like anything from Mark & Graham is always a winner. They have such high-quality products, especially their leather goods. I have given so many M&G items as gifts over the years, and in fact gave this exact wallet to a friend last year. It seems like men are so rough on their wallets, between shoving them in their pockets constantly to throwing them around in their cars, they need to be replaced more often than you’d think. These however are so high-quality and durable that I can’t imagine you’d need to replace it within the next decade, but still soft and buttery to the touch.
  8. Takeya Water Bottle: Water bottles are a dime a dozen I know, but getting one that has a thoughtful design and is also non-toxic usually takes a bit more searching than just browsing Walmart while grocery shopping. Chris is a big-time water drinker, along with all my male coworkers. He’s used a Tervis Tumbler for years, but after a while those get a film on the inside that is next to impossible to get off. So I recently replaced it with one of these and he really loves it, in particular during workouts because he can screw off the top and drink from the spout and not get the spout dirty with his hands.
  9. Nutribullet: We received one of these as a gift from my sister a couple years ago, and I would hesitate to say we use any other kitchen gadget more, Chris in particular. He makes smoothies every morning, and this makes it so dang easy. Plus it comes with a smaller cup to be able to blend and take with you on the go, which is so nice for busy workday mornings. Also works well as a baby food/puree maker!
  10. Tile Pro: If you have a family member or friend you’re looking to get a gift for that travels a lot for work or just in general, this is a life saver. One of my girlfriends travels constantly, so she has what feels like twenty of these things on every important item she has. And it has genuinely helped her at least half a dozen times find her passport, phone, and wallet on trips. And let’s be honest, even if you don’t travel, #mombrain is a very real thing, so these would even be great for a busy mom too!

I had my husband look these picks over before posting (without blowing his surprise of course), to see if I majorly missed the mark on anything. He gave it all two thumbs up, which is rare for him, but asked that I include a bonus option for the big kid inside all dads: a drone! His favorite is this one – the DJI Mavic Mini because of the range and battery life.

Click on the picture to be taken to the retailer to purchase

And that does it for my Gift Guide for Men! If y’all end up getting any of these, let me know after Christmas how it went over!

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