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Hello 2021: Master Bedroom Refresh

HAPPY NEW YEAR y’all! Praise Jesus 2020 is over. I hope y’all had a happy and healthy holiday, however you celebrated. It was so fun to watch my daughter experience her first Christmas, and at the same time, see my three year old son start to actually understand the concept of Santa and the spirit of Christmas.

Quickly though before I go on, I would like to say to those of you that follow my sweet new little blog that I am sorry for the long gap in posting. As a Solution Architect, the end of the year is always insanity with the business trying to get as many project requests crammed in before the year ends. So my workload has been spectacularly full, but has finally calmed down a smidge as people trickle back from vacation for the holidays. I sincerely hope you stick around, as I have lots of new projects I want to share with you all this upcoming year.

I have a list a mile long of projects I’d like to do in our home, mostly small but high impact. However, time and budget constraints means I have to pick a few to tackle this year. The one I chose first was a master bedroom refresh.

Let me preface this by saying I don’t necessarily hate my existing furniture. But it isn’t my “forever furniture” either. When we moved into this house, we came from a one bedroom apartment downtown. This house is a 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 3500 sq ft home, so we had very little furniture to furnish it with up front. Furthermore, since we moved into our apartment while I was in grad school, we didn’t exactly invest in the furniture we were bringing with us either.

That being said, when it came time to furnish at least the rooms we were going to use right off the bat (i.e. the master bedroom, living room, etc), we had a lot of furniture to buy. But being young and recent college grads, we didn’t want to break the bank and buy a bunch of expensive furniture all at once without even getting a feel for how we wanted to utilize the spaces. So for my master, I bought things I liked within the budget I had. And you can see in the photo, my core furniture is quite frankly expensive looking and not bad quality at all, given the price I paid for it. But it’s not the vibe I wanted for this room – the color is too dark, the dresser (not pictured) is too small for the space, and the lamps & mirrors are far too heavy feeling. My bed however is beautiful tufted beige linen, so that will stay.


Insert arguably my all-time favorite home store – Restoration Hardware. I have stalked this Louis XVI collection from them for years. But every time I’ve considered pulling the trigger to buy it, the price has always put me off at the last minute or some unexpected expense has arisen that took precedence. However, as luck would have it, just two days ago I was browsing ‘French Country Bedrooms’ and this popped up ON FINAL SALE. Apparently, RH is discontinuing this line entirely!

Restoration Hardware Louis XVI 10-Drawer Dresser
Restoration Hardware Louis XVI Closed Nightstand

I instantly knew that it was essentially now or never if I was serious that this was my forever furniture. But it was nerve wracking, because not only was it no longer in the Atlanta gallery for me to see the color and finish in person, but it also wasn’t in the Outlet store, NOR did they even have a swatch to buy! Spending several thousand dollars on a final-sale item is scary in and of itself, much less sight unseen (for lack of a better phrase). I spent countless hours scouring the internet for customer photos of it to get a gauge. I found a few which helped, but ultimately I knew it would be perfection in my heart. I own a full dining set from them that has a very similar finish (Burnt Oak whereas this is Aged Oak), and it’s arguably the most stunning furniture I own. So, I bit the bullet and ordered two of the larger nightstands and the larger dresser (pictured above).

I have also always wanted a seating area under the windows. But when we first moved in, we didn’t utilize the massive master closet space effectively, and ended up buying a matching tall chest to go in the corner of the room. By doing so, it effectively took away the necessary space to make a seating area feel separated and open, so I did away with that idea. It also became a huge catch-all for all my little random items and jewelry, so it’s not even a pretty styled area. The chair I currently have in the corner, my Anthropologie slub velvet club chair, is stunning but way too large.

Wayfair Dejardins Armchair

I first saw these chairs last year thanks to Karen over at Sanctuary Home Decor, and I instantly fell in love with them. As is obvious by the name of this blog, I am obsessed with anything French, and these are the epitome. I love the grey-toned, distressed, whitewashed wood in tandem with the soft light linen. I also feel like these would be far more comfortable to actually sit in as opposed to some other options I’ve found, given that they actually have a thick separate seat and back cushion. I haven’t purchased these yet as I am waiting for them to go on sale, but once they do, I will snag these along with a little silver drink table to go in between.


As for the decor, I knew I still wanted mirrors behind the nightstands, and I obviously still needed lamps for light. But I wanted ones that felt more delicate and simple. The lamps I currently have are HUGE, which proportionally works since the nightstands are wide, but they take up most of the nightstand which is annoying. They’re also very dark, and it feels like they just suck up any extra light the mirrors help bounce around. The mirrors are also too heavy feeling with the beading and beveled edge.

One thing I am adamant about when buying big items online is that the retailer must have an easy and inexpensive return policy. I am not paying more than the cost of the item to ship it back somewhere; it literally isn’t worth that risk to any degree, no matter how sure I think it’ll work. This is usually the problem with online-only retailers, so I tend to try and find the same items at other stores that have either a brick-and-mortar location or a flat-rate or free return shipping policy.

Insert another one of my all-time favorite stores – TARGET! Target’s online marketplace is phenomenal, and I love that they partner with online retailers like LAMPS PLUS, etc to sell items from those stores but still provide you with their standard customer service and return policy. While searching for new tall glass lamps and new silver mirrors, I found options for both from LAMPS PLUS via Target online which was perfect!

Uttermost Pasaic Silver Arched Top Wall Mirror
360 Lighting Coastal Table Lamps

I loved these as soon as I saw them. The mirror has a nice thin, arched silver frame with a pretty crowned top, and is the perfect size being taller than my others but still wide enough to work with the new nightstands. The lamps are the same height as the ones I have, but are slimmer and more delicate being glass, which I think will really help lighten up and soften the room. Plus they won’t take up so much space on my nightstand where I can possibly have a small vase with some flowers on the sides.

I also recently ordered some light blue linen throw pillows from Pottery Barn to accent my crisp white ruffle PB bedding. I have been on a huge blue kick recently, and it’s been wonderfully surprising given my history of color-phobia :P. I have yet to decide what color throw blanket I want at the end of the bed however. On one hand, I absolutely adore my fresh, bright white bedding – it looks and feels like a hotel or spa being so crisp. So I’ve pondered getting a simple white linen quilt (like one from Parachute) just to layer with. On the other hand, I’ve also pondered getting a similar blue-colored throw to match the pillows I purchased to help tie in the pillows. Decisions, decisions…

Pottery Barn Belgian Linen Pillow Cover in Chambray
Pottery Barn TENCELâ„¢ Ruffle Duvet Cover & Shams

One thing I am sure about though is adding some more greenery to help finish off the space and help breathe some life into it. If you follow me, then you know I already own these West Elm olive trees and they are to. die. for. So my thought is to buy two more of these to go in the corners flanking the seating area. Once thing in particular I love about them is that they don’t have olives on them. This might seem weird to some, but when you have two kids under four, something as innocuous as an olive tree can be dangerous in your home, since kids can easily walk up and pick one off to try to eat it and choke. This is another item I’m waiting to go on sale too. I got my current ones during their Labor Day sale for a great price, so I’m hoping they’ll have another good one soon.

West Elm Faux Potted Green Olive Tree – 6′

So all in all, I am beyond excited to finally make my master bedroom into the room I’ve always dreamed of. This transformation won’t be overnight, as I want to strategically buy pieces during sale times, but at least I have identified all the pieces I want and have a vision for it all at the end. The furniture is going to make such huge difference, but I’m also equally as excited for all the little pieces too – all of it together is what is going to make it sing.

I will surely keep you all posted as the progress happens, and I hope you follow along to see it all come to life! What all do YOU have planned to tackle this year? Can be anything, not just home decor; comment below and tell me! Best of luck to you all in your planned endeavors this year!

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