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Master Bedroom Refresh – Progress Update!

Happy Spring y’all! Man this recent sunny, warm weather has been such a dream (minus the storms we had last week here in the South). It has been so invigorating being able to get outside with the kids, do some gardening, and refresh my decor with a little more color and florals.

Speaking of which, I wanted to give y’all a quick peek at the progress of my master bedroom update I last posted about. While it’s taken longer than my typical Type A impatience has preferred, it has been SO worth the wait thus far.

As you can see first and foremost, my nightstands are here! Out of the three items I ordered from Restoration Hardware (two nightstands and one dresser), these were the first to arrive. When the delivery guys brought them upstairs and unwrapped them, I literally squealed so loud I scared them and my husband downstairs haha. They are A DREAM. They’re extremely heavy and are solid wood with a white patina finish and oil-rubbed black hardware.

Restoration Hardware “Louis XVI” 30″ Closed Nightstand

They’re also wide and deep which I adore, because as you can probably tell in the previous photo, my master bedroom is quite large and is a rectangular shape, with the back wall being 17 feet long. So I needed them to take up a substantial amount of space but also not be so big where they looked like literal dressers.

Something else we did was re-center everything on this back wall. Before, everything was slightly off center and aligned with the TV section of the wall in front of it (which would be towards the left of this photo). We originally arranged it this way thinking we would have a sitting area in front of the window (to the right of this photo), but over time we realized it was going to feel off-balance having all the furniture off-center on this long wall on one side and having very little furniture and more open space on the other side. When we centered everything on the wall, it was like the entire room expanded ten feet. I mean, HOLY SMOKES, it was unbelievable! It feels so ridiculously open and airy now, and we literally only moved it seven inches. Symmetry is key y’all! We ultimately decided 1) we didn’t need a seating area and it would only turn into a catch-all, and 2) the open corner near the bathroom door would be styled to be a little “dressing” corner, with a stool, small table, and the olive tree.

Another item that arrived as you can see is the mirrors! And man did these make such a difference. They’re so much softer and more elegant than the beaded ones I had, and are much taller, which helps to draw the eye upward and makes the ceiling feel even taller. And I loved that that even though they are an iron frame, they weren’t so heavy where I needed some crazy special hardware to mount them – some drywall anchors and screws were all it took, which I easily did myself. The lamps also arrived and look a million times better paired with these mirrors. They feel so much more light and airy being glass than the hammered pewter ones I had.

Restoration Hardware “Louis XVI” 10-Drawer Dresser

Last but not least is the dresser. Y’ALL. THIS IS MY NEW PRIZED POSESSION. I never thought I would care that much about a piece of furniture, but when this beauty arrived and the delivery guys brought it upstairs, I almost fainted. First of all, this thing is a literal beast. It is humongous! But that’s what I love about it! As I mentioned already, my bedroom is a rectangle, meaning the back and front walls are longer than the sides, which means that I have lots of space on each of the bed, but not as much in front of the bed. Which means I don’t have enough space between my bed and a dresser to put a bench or stools, etc. This made the size of this piece absolutely perfect for my room, because it took up the perfect amount of space both in width along that long front wall, but also in depth. It is also extremely tall with the extra top row of drawers, which I like because again it draws your eye upward. This is such a timeless, beautiful piece of furniture, I can’t believe they’re discontinuing this line at RH!

While the main pieces are here, which is definitely the most exciting part and has made the world of difference, the pillows are still backordered, the olive tree hasn’t gone on sale yet for me to buy it, and I still have not found a rug I like. I’ve been trying to stalk the West Elm outlet store to snag the tree there, but since the spring season has started, they haven’t gotten any in a while due to the lack of extra inventory. However, I scored one of the PB pillows on Mercari, so that was a solid win!

But regardless of all that, the meat and potatoes of this refresh are basically complete, and I cannot express how happy I am with how it has all turned out! It finally feels like the bright, airy sanctuary I always intended it to be, and I’m really looking forward [read: incredibly impatient] to put the finishing touches on it all and complete the picture.

Hope you are all happy and healthy! I’m headed to go plant my front porch ferns. Comment below with your spring endeavors!

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